Performance Testing: Critical Concepts and Skills

Software Test Professionals - Colorado Springs, Colorado
I’ve just been offered the chance to teach a full-day course on performance testing at STPCON Fall 2013 – my favorite conference for performance testers and engineers.  For this course I will be re-working the typical introduction to performance testing training materials that we’ve been re-using over the last 20 years.  Everything will be updated to help you focus on the primary concepts and skills required to be an effective performance tester.  Sure, we’ll cover processes – but we’ll focus on critical understandings of performance in DevOps and Continuous Performance Automation first.  Sure, we’ll cover technical performance test objectives – but we’ll focus on the business value of those tests first.  I hope to help you to combine a critical conceptual understanding of WHY we do performance testing at the same time you are learning HOW to do performance testing.  All in one day! 

You can learn more about the tutorial and register for the class here: Performance Testing: Critical Concepts and Skills.  Oh yeah, I have a couple other sessions also at STPCON this Fall, along with other great presenters on performance.  Check out 302: Early Performance Testing and 504: Putting the Test Back into DevOps sessions. Hope to see you there

It's time for PerfBytes!

What is PerfBytes? It's a live internet radio show about performance started by myself and James Pulley over a series of early-morning breakfast meetings at the IHOP in Beaverton, Oregon. While consuming copious amounts of pancakes, omelets (made-to-order) we engaged in a serious debate about: what's the difference between load test and stress test? It took about an hour and a half to agree that we hadn't come to an agreement on how to answer that question, so we scheduled another breakfast meeting for the next cold and rainy Tuesday morning. And it wasn't just James and I at the table. We had not just a few of the top minds in performance and load testing, including Rex Black, Steve Oulighan, Howard Chorney and Carlos Chidiac, just to name a few. This group of performance gurus kept meeting for breakfast (although Carlos was usually late every time!) hashing over the contemporary practices, learnings, techniques, pitfalls and tools used by load testers. It was actually the most engaging part of the rare and precious time we spent together in the Spring of 2012. Every episode we cover things that aspiring performance professionals want to learn:
  • to increase their awareness of performance subjects 
  • about the Science! behind performance 
  • to implement performance practices in tools 
  • the real stories from industry practitioners, vendors and consultants 
  • to translate practices into value for their organizations 
But, let me tell you this show "PerfBytes" and you might still be wondering wondering how two highly-entrenched performance geeks like us could end up having an internet radio show. The truth is, we just created one. PerfBytes was born as a live show on and then evolved into a fully produced show on

Oh yeah, the name PerfBytes. What's in a name? Not un-obviously the word "perf" stands for performance - including testing, engineering, tuning, monitoring and all that good stuff we do professionally. The "bytes" part was more important because we wanted to share information about performance in digestible units of information, akin to a short-stack of blueberry pancakes. The format was also inspired from another hit TV show "Good Eats" by Alton Brown. We thought - why not have a show like "Good Eats" only on the subject of performance testing and load testing? I mean, really - who wouldn't love that show?!?!

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